Course Objectives

  • The purpose of this course is to acquaint operators, well planners, well engineers, and managers with the rudiments of stuck pipe management.
  •  Identifying the causes and prevention of stuck pipe Methods available for dealing with the problem of the stuck pipe when it occurs.
  • Participants will be introduced to problem-solving approaches to the management of stuck pipe events
  • Create the awareness that stuck pipe management must be an integral part of the planning of a drilling program.

Course Outline: 

  • Introduction to sticking problems
  • Types and causes of incidents
  • Identification and Solving of Incidents
  • Review of Basic Geology
  • Drill pipe utilization limits
  • Causes of stuck pipe
  • Field case studies & reviews
  • Stuck pipe warning signs
  • Methods to free the drill string
  • Jarring operations
  • Stuck point determination
  • Stuck pipe prevention

Facilitator: Professor Adewale Dosunmu, Petroleum Engineering Coach & Well Engineering Consultant

Course Duration: September 14th-18th, 9 am- 12 noon, 2 pm-4 pm WAT

Mode of Delivery: Zoom

Cost: $2500 (Discount available for more than five registered persons in an organizations)

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Evelyn: +2348064762324
Wale: +2348033124495

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