Mud & Well Engineering

  • Extended reach well path optimization
  • Hydraulic modeling for hole cleaning (for both vertical and inclined wells), hole sizes, drill pipe or string sizes, types of bits to be used.
  • The use of drilling technical limits to review offset well, to build the best in the class well model to maximize the performance of service providers, carry out rig acceptability analysis.
  • Wellbore stability analysis – to curb all kinds of hole problems, determine mud type for each zone, casing seating depth, optimal drilling direction, determination of kick-off depth for inclined wells, etc.
  • Pore pressure modeling from both seismic and petrophysical logs (sonic and resistivity)
  • Determination of well cost estimate; also, technical limit authorization for expenditure and risk-based cost/time estimate.
  • Real-time pore pressure/wellbore stability analysis and surveillance (i.e. ECD management)
  • Well Design for both vertical and inclined wells; casing design, BOP Design, and determination of casing and cementing parameters.
  • Borehole quality analysis to design and construct a perfect well.
  • Provision of Mud Weight Design

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